Month: August 2017

Get It In Writing

Get It In Writing

Navigating The Storm Of Home Improvement Projects

After years of experience in the Home Improvement and Sales industries you could easily say I’ve learned most of the “Tricks” of the trade(s). Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous contractors out there that are always looking for new ways to trick or get one over on the unsuspecting homeowner(s).

FairBids.Com has dedicated itself to helping homeowners in any way they can, adding more value to your home improvement project than any other source available to you.

If It’s Not In Writing

Most of us has heard the old adage that says “If It’s Not In Writing, It wont happen or it doesn’t exist” This is absolutely true.

Have a pen and paper handy and take notes LOTS OF NOTES! Make sure that if you come to an agreement and decide to move forward with that contractor that everything your salesperson said to you is listed on the contract! If it is not DON’T SIGN ANYTHING!  Demand that it’s written down otherwise don’t do business with them!

Most, if not all will have the ability to put it on the contract. Never accept a note on a piece of paper that Is not an official document with the company’s logo, name and address on it. The only other acceptable documents would be an “Addendum to contractor or change order”.

There are countless lawsuits that homeowners have brought that have been thrown out of court because it wasn’t written down and it simply became “He Said She Said” arguments.

Navigating the stormy seas of home improvement does not have to be difficult, FairBids.Com gives homeowners a strong platform on which to stand and to help them make decisions and get information from an unbiased 3rd party. Keeping checking in or subscribe to our blog to get the latest and greatest information on making your next home improvement project the best it can be!