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HVAC Residential Ducting


Ducting is probably one of the most overlooked parts of a person’s home. It obvious why, it’s where they reside. A Hot, Dirty, Dusty attic. We have found from many of our homeowners that some have even lived in their homes for over 20 years and never seen inside their attics or looked at their ducting.

Ducting is the piping that carries the forced air from your HVAC unit whether hot or cold your ducts are hard at work to bring you the comfort you seek.  Attics in most areas are notoriously Hot in the summer and in some places extremely cold in the winter. The job of your ducting is not just bring the airflow their biggest responsibility is to keep those extreme temperatures out of your airflow.

Most ducts have massive amounts of leaking which not only cause efficiency loss, it can also bring with it contaminants and dust from your attic. One of the first thing you should consider when you feel your HVAC system is not performing at it’s best is your ducting.

When ducts are leaking, sized wrong, or are without enough insulation to keep the temperatures at bay, they will cause your system to work a lot harder than it has too, adding to breakdowns, loss of efficiency and replacement of the HVAC system sooner than necessary.