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Foundation Repair

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Foundation Repair


Is your foundation cracked or is your house settling leaving cracks or parts of your home tilted? Trust one of our many In-Network Home Pros to get your home back on a firm foundation!

Concrete or Raised Foundation Repair: 
It’s imperative to address the issues of a faulty or cracked foundation immediately. Addressing it early will keep the problem from becoming worse and inevitably costing more in repairs or worse, not being allowed to live in your home due to safety concerns.

Signs That You’ve Got a Problem 
Foundations tend to settle, shift, crack or fail over time, rarely is it ever a overnight issue although it may feel that way at times.

There are a lot red flags along the way that most homeowners overlook. Since addressing problems early is the key to minimizing damage, you need to keep an eye out for:

  • Misaligned exterior doors, windows and garage doors
  • Cracks in brick, stonework or the foundation itself
  • Interior doors stick or don’t fit their jambs any longer
  • Cracks in interior sheet rock
  • Cracks in floors
  • Bulging floors

Call in a HomePro!

Once you are suspicious that you need a foundation repair, the first step is to have a FairBids.Com Evaluator come out to look over your property. Your next step will be to get a Geotechnical & Structural Engineer involved in your project.

Many of our HomePros have structural and geotechnical engineers that they work with while it’s not necessary to use theirs, it is normally recommended since every engineer has their own specific way of doing things. Engineers are needed to identify what is most likely causing your foundation to be a problem.

It is Always recommended to use a geotechnical engineer, while many companies do not offer or use them due to the cost, ultimately it is the safest and most precise way to develop a plan to fix your problem.

Slab Jacking and Piering

Slab-jacking and Piering are the two most proven forms of foundation repair on the market. In Slab-jacking, your contractor will pump a cement grout underneath the failing concrete slab or foundation in order to raise it up to its original level and provide it with a better sub-surface to set on. If your foundation problems are more severe, Piering may be in order.

In Piering, hydraulic jacks, or “piers” are drilled into the ground below your foundation until more stable soil is reached, then the jacks are set and raised to provide your home with the support it needs. More advanced companies are using helical piles.

Sit back and relax

Most foundation repair solutions do not require that you vacate your home, allowing you to continue to live life as normal (barring the repair project going on).  Many project solutions will require crews of people and even heavy machinery in and out of your yards (Front & Back).  Be prepared for some managed chaos!

Preventative Measures

Uneven distribution of moisture in the subsoil is usually the perpetrator of faulty or failing foundations. This can be caused by poor lot drainage and insufficient or poorly installed gutters. Keeping your foundation problem from re-appearing should be of the highest priority.

Regardless of what caused your problem, make sure to address it as soon as possible. Speed in addressing this issue is the key to keeping your home safe and more money in your wallet!

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