Get It In Writing


Get It In Writing

Navigating The Storm Of Home Improvement Projects

After years of experience in the Home Improvement and Sales industries you could easily say I’ve learned most of the “Tricks” of the trade(s). Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous contractors out there that are always looking for new ways to trick or get one over on the unsuspecting homeowner(s).

FairBids.Com has dedicated itself to helping homeowners in any way they can, adding more value to your home improvement project than any other source available to you.  By nature of search through our articles you most likely already know that it’s imperative that you get 3 or more bids for your project. Time consuming and arduous of course and that’s where really steps up and helps.

What about after you’ve chosen a contractor through FairBids? FairBids.Com is simply a resource for helping you to gather proposals and connect with contractors. Dealing with a contractor in or out of network with can still leave you at risk because it’s up to the contractor to do things correctly and according to your agreement with them. Getting things in writing is always of utmost importance.

FairBids.Com can help give some guidance and suggestions. This article is one them!  According to WikihowBefore you begin hiring people to do work on your home, office, or any other structure, you need to make sure they have the right credentials and background. Contractors are the people or companies that do the work in building, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, or any other form of construction. In California, the Department of Consumer Affairs, Contractors State License Board (CSLB) is responsible for regulating the business of contractors. When you begin your search for a contractor, check their license status, investigate any history of complaints, and contact the contractor yourself.”

FairBids.Com will provide each of their homeowners with copies of their contractors State License certification(s), copies of their insurance coverages and any background information we have on the company including history of complaints.

Salespeople love to talk, the good ones do a lot of listening, they are keying in on the ques or key words you say that spark dollar signs $ in their minds.  They look for “Buying sings” by you asking questions like “How long would it take for the project to be installed/completed?” “What other color’s do you offer”, “Do you have financing available”?

While most of us really agree that asking questions like these do not necessarily indicated to the salesperson that you are ready to buy from them and that you’re just gathering data to help decide if you even want to buy anything. The salesperson sees these as a dinner bell to come eat from the goodness of your wallet!

If It’s Not In Writing

Most of us has heard the old adage that says “If It’s Not In Writing, It wont happen or it doesn’t exist” Nothing can be farther from the truth. Sales 101 says never “pitch” or “present” anywhere but the kitchen table. There is a whole sales philosophy behind this and will be listed and explained in another post. However, while at the table or in “Presenting” mode your sales person will make a lot of statements! Most of them will be oddly reflective of things that you might have mentioned along the conversation about what’s important to you.

Have a pen and paper handy and take notes LOTS OF NOTES! Make sure that if you come to an agreement and decide to move forward with that contractor that everything your salesperson said to you is listed on the contract! If it is not DON’T SIGN ANYTHING!  Demand that it’s written down otherwise don’t do business with them!

Most if not all will have the ability to put it on the contract. Never accept a note on a piece of paper that Is not an official document with the company’s logo, name and address on it.

There are countless lawsuits that homeowners have brought that have been thrown out of court because it wasn’t written down and it simply became “He Said She Said” arguments.

Navigating the stormy seas of home improvement does not have to be difficult, FairBids.Com gives homeowners a strong platform on which to stand and to help them make decisions and get information from an unbiased 3rd party. Keeping checking in or subscribe to our blog to get the latest and greatest information on making your next home improvement project the best it can be!