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Here’s how we help: Many contractors pay hundreds of dollars for “leads” and that’s all they are “leads”. Problem is, where do they “lead” you?  Many times straight to a “No”.  Why is that? These leads are not always “Scrubbed” or cleaned up to see if they fit your target market or demographics. Sure your office staff does the best they can but will they ever find out what the customers budget is before you even send your salesperson?  Hardly ever if at all. What about all the other criteria that is important to a homeowner.

Until now you’ve simply relied on your salespeople to go out and “Build Value” and close the sale.

FairBids.Com has already had conversations with our homeowners and know specifically what they are looking for: Brands, Quality, Value, What’s important to them about the HomePro that will service their project, and most importantly their budget! We’ve been to the home and evaluated their project needs.

FairBids.Com uses a unique proprietary algorithm to sort out our customers criteria and matching it with your company. So you can rest assured that you’re not getting “leads” from FairBids.Com your getting “Opportunities”.

Your company can save up to thousands of dollars off of projects by saving you wear and tear on your vehicles, Gasoline cost, No Salesperson to pay (normally a huge part of your cost), you will be given drawings, photos and videos of what to bid on so you will already have what you need to bid and win the job.

Not to mention something most contractors hardly ever get; Non-Won job report.  What is that? Well after presenting our homeowners with 3 proposals if your company doesn’t happen to win the bid you will find out exactly why?  Was it price, Brands, Warranties? What about size of company or being local or not?  How do you really know why you didn’t win that lead.  Now you will.

There is a In-Network dealer plan for every size contractor. Tired paying for “leads” from online listing companies or being forced to give a price without even seeing the project site? Get ready to start getting opportunities that cost less and save you time, effort, and money?

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