We Never put you on a list for contractors to call

How it works

Stop being put on lists for contractors to call or being given a list for you to call. There is a better way!

Fairbids.com’s process is simple! If you are a homeowner in need of an upcoming contractor to complete a home improvement project. We’re here to help and here’s how:

Other sites either put you on a list for contractors to call you or give you a list of contractors to call?  Why would a homeowner do that?

Most homeowners know that whenever taking on the challenges of a home improvement project you should ALWAYS get 3 or more bids! Most home projects would require that you spend 1 ½ to 3 hours with each contractor. That process could take days and even weeks to coordinate with your schedule and theirs. Unfortunately, this daunting task is usually overwhelming for some so they simply get one bid or maybe two.

Over the years and dealing with thousands of home improvement projects we’ve learned that normally by the time most homeowners have met with 3 or more contractors most of the time they are more confused about what is a good value than before they started.

FairBids.Com is about assisting homeowners in getting the best VALUE. Price is what you pay for an item today and Cost is what you pay for that item over time. Value is getting the best product or service for a “FAIR” cost. Since every home is unique and every homeowner has different wishes it would be completely unwise to just give you a list of contractors to call or give you 3 or more comparisons online. An evaluator is needed to come to you home. This gives you the certainty that the project will work well for you and the unique demands of your house.

Contractors spend 10’s of thousands of dollars each year training their salespeople how to “Close” the deal with you. From learning, how to bond with you by quickly identifying things in your home that they can “Connect” with you on, this is designed to put you in the “I’m with a friend” mode. They even role play and practice overcoming the objections they hear most from homeowners so they can be polished at getting you to buy.

They will even study better body language, voice inflection, and the all-important “Building Value” most of which is just a dog and pony show to give you the impression that they are doing more than the next guy. Like bringing door mats or using specialty tools like laser measures or infrared cameras. While all of this has some merit, I assure you it doesn’t justify paying a higher cost then necessary.

So, with all of this manipulation going on, how do you the homeowner know what’s truly “Fair”, how do you know what to believe? Because every Contractors company Rep, Associate, or Advisor that comes out is trained to sell you, even the person that answers the phones. And of course, their company is the best, has the best products and is exactly what you and your home needs right?

Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of great contractors out there and FairBids.Com is your source for finding them and assuring you that what you are being presented with is honest and fair.

FairBids.Com sends one of our evaluators to your home to gather the information that any contractor would need to bid your job. There is never a salesperson from FairBids.Com that will come to your home because we don’t hire ANY!

We will have several questions for you about what you expect from your contractor and what your needs and desires are for your project. Once we have that required information, we place your job information into our proprietary software algorithm that sorts through all of our In-Network contractors and then it will send your job information to several of our In-Network contractors to ask them to submit a proposal. The contractors that are chosen are based on YOUR criteria, for things like Brands, Contractor company size, Rating site review, Budget for the project, Financing and much more. Another assurance that the right contractor that is a fit for your project and needs will be the only one’s bidding on your job.

Our In-Network contractors are pre-screened, background checked and held to high standards of customer satisfaction in order to stay In-Network. Once we have 3 or more proposals we present you with the options. Wasn’t that easy! We do all the work.

So, no more sitting at the kitchen table 3 or more times listening to a salesperson give a pitch and use all the tricks of the trade to try to get you to buy now! You will have gotten information about your products, brands, contractors, and more from a FairBids.Com associate and not a salesperson so you can be certain that the information is unbiased and tailored just to your job and your criteria, not the agenda of the contractor’s salesperson.

Sit back, relax and let us do the work for you. Know that your next project is “Fair”!