Quality Of Life is a Major Focus to us. Help make a difference

Quality Of Life


Our Quality of life program is a huge focus for the family at FairBids.Com, we believe in starting in our own backyard! However, the needs around our Nation is great and our primary focus.  WIth that being said we’ve not forgotten the possibility of reaching the globe!

So we’ve begun partnering with companies such as Habitat For Humanity & Feeding America.

Many days we meet families and individuals that simply cannot afford the luxuries of life such as having A/C or Heating. We’ve been with families that had holes in their floors and broken windows that they simply could not afford to fix.

FairBids.Com has started a “GoFundMe” campaign to help raise monies to help these families when we come across them. Please consider giving to the campaign as the need is great. Every summer we see an influx of calls for people whose A/C has gone out. Just a day or two without in some areas puts many people in panic mode because the heat is unbearable. These families with small and even sick children live every day without it. Having a cool or warm home when needed isn’t just a luxury, it’s needed in many cases for people with medical conditions.

Thank you for even looking at this page and considering helping!

If interested in helping out please email our “Quality Of Life” program or donate by hitting the donate button below.