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Solar Panel Systems


Solar is one of the most rapidly advancing industries there is, as utility prices continue to climb and people are more aware about reducing their carbon footprint and demand on our electrical grid, Solar has proven to ease the burden of utility cost across the country! Our In-Network contractors will have the perfect solution for your energy demand needs.


Solar PV Systems

Buy or lease? American made or foreign made? Mounting, Roofing, Leak warranties and the list goes on and on as to what separates different Solar Contractors.  Many Solar contractors are Pop-Up companies that are all trying to cash in on the Solar Boom across the U.S.

Some of the biggest differentiators are not only the panels themselves but more importantly how they are mounted.


Roof Hooks

Stud Mounts

Other considerations need to be given to types of inverters. Depending on your home, your needs and budget the inverter type can make a big difference in your total out of pocket costs.

Inverter Types

String Inverters


  • You only need one of them. Typically, the inverter is the part of a solar system that fails, Contractors like String inverters because there is only one and easier to install and deal with, this can reduce cost of the install.


  • The weakest producing panel sets the pace for the rest of the string, so a poor performing, damaged or shaded panel can greatly reduce the output of the entire system. Typically have 5-10 year warranties

Micro Inverters


  • Theoretically you can get more output because they are individual to the panels and not the “String”. This is a huge advantage when systems are facing different directions because as the sun crosses over the arrays the output changes increasing in some as they’re decreasing in others.
  • Warranties typically fall in the 25-year range
  • Offers system monitoring to see the actual output of each individual panel


  • Typically have a higher cost range
  • More items to install for the contractor


Optimizers are an option for standard inverters as well, which function very similarly to a micro-inverter. With an optimizer, you still have a standard inverter, but you also have optimizers for each individual panel combating production differences.

Roofing / Underlayment

Underlayment is another item to look at. Underlayment is the material that goes under your roofing material. Typically, only done if the roof is being re-done or in concrete or tile roof types. Some of our home pros have a 50-year underlayment and will re-roof the entire area under the array. (Solar Panel section)


Every panel must be at 80% production within 25 years of use. It’s important to know these warranties as well as what part of labor is covered and roofing for leaks.

Solar can be easily misunderstood by a homeowner if they don’t know what to look for or what to ask.  Schedule your Free In-Home evaluation today with one of our trained evaluators. Our un-biased approach to your solar system needs with be the Sunny Spot in your day.  Make sure your solar install is Fair.